11 Mystery Horror Dramas That Share Similarities with 'Us'

Jordan Peele's second original horror film shattered records with a staggering $70 million debut at the box office, marking the biggest opening weekend ever for an original horror movie. It has also earned critical acclaim, boasting a certified fresh rating of 94% on Rotten Tomatoes. Praised for its genuine terror, suspense, and unexpected twists, the film seamlessly blends horror with moments of humor and deeper thematic exploration.

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For fans obsessed with “Us,” here are essential additions to your watchlist:

**"Get Out"** is a must-watch. Jordan Peele's debut feature diverges from his latest but remains a standout in the horror genre. It follows a young black man's unsettling visit to his white girlfriend's family, revealing eerie undertones and dark secrets beneath their seemingly friendly facade. The film catapulted Peele into prominence for its meticulously crafted script, unsettling atmosphere, and moments of dark comedy, earning him an Oscar for Best Original Screenplay.

**"Funny Games"** influenced Jordan Peele and serves as a poignant home invasion horror. While “Us” draws parallels to “The Strangers,” Peele recommended “Funny Games” to Lupita Nyong’o to establish a shared cinematic vocabulary. The brutal 1997 version depicts the terrifying ordeal of a family terrorized in their vacation home, highlighting the raw intensity of psychological horror.

**Alfred Hitchcock’s** **"The Birds"** stands as a masterclass in suspense and horror. Referred to by Peele as the pinnacle of invasion cinema, this classic unleashes primal fear as avian creatures unleash havoc on a tranquil Northern California town.

**"It Follows"** introduces an unrelenting horror premise. Echoing Adelaide’s fears in “Us,” the 2014 film portrays a relentless creature that pursues its victims relentlessly, assuming various human forms. Its atmospheric tension and unique premise align it with Peele’s curated list for Nyong’o.

**"The Transfiguration"** delves into themes of identity and deception, resonating with “Us”'s exploration of hidden identities and duality. It follows Milo, a young boy immersed in vampire lore, posing questions about his true nature.

**"The Lost Boys"** offers a nostalgic trip to 1980s horror. Referenced in “Us,” the film captures the essence of its era with its vampire-centric narrative set against the backdrop of Santa Cruz, complete with ‘80s style and an iconic soundtrack.

**"C.H.U.D."** parallels “Us” with its underground horrors. Depicting monstrous beings lurking beneath NYC, the film critiques societal neglect and governmental conspiracies, resonating with Peele's thematic exploration of unseen forces and hidden truths.

**Ingmar Bergman’s “Persona”** delves into psychological horror with its enigmatic narrative centered on the complex relationship between a nurse and her mute patient. Its existential themes and narrative ambiguity influenced modern horror, akin to Peele’s penchant for unsettling narratives.

**"Black Swan"** intertwines dance and psychological horror. Drawing parallels between Adelaide and Red’s mirrored lives, the film showcases intense choreography and a descent into psychological turmoil, echoing themes of duality explored in “Us.”

**"Hereditary"** explores familial doom with intense performances, reminiscent of Lupita Nyong'o's portrayal in “Us.” It delves into themes of inherited trauma and the inevitability of fate, offering a harrowing portrayal of family dynamics under supernatural threat.

**Stanley Kubrick’s “The Shining”** remains a seminal influence on Peele, noted for its unsettling atmosphere and psychological depth. Its portrayal of isolation and madness resonates with Peele's exploration of psychological horror and hidden fears.

In preparation for “Us,” Jordan Peele also recommended his cast members watch **"Dead Again," "The Babadook," "A Tale of Two Sisters," "Martyrs," "Let the Right One In,"** and **"The Sixth Sense"** to enrich their understanding of horror tropes and narrative intricacies.

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